We named our site The Green Apple because that’s the best way to describe our attitude towards wagering, which is A Bite Out of the Gambling World.

We believe very much that gambling should be about fun and excitement, and not about stress and worries. Therefore, we have put together a gambling resource that contains all the information that will help you have an enjoyable and thrilling gambling experience.

Our website has been around for almost 8 years now and we have built a dedicated of visitors who know that they will get all the answers to their gambling queries here. We wade through hundreds of websites in order to assess their suitability for gambling. Therefore, you can rely on the information we provide that ranges from tips on how to play games to the best sites to gamble on. We only recommend gambling establishments that are reliable and well managed since we believe that safety should never be compromised. In fact, we are very quick to knock sites off our list if we believe that they don’t conform to our high standards.

We work hard to ensure that there is always something new and useful to read when you visit The Green Apple. We look forward to hearing from our readers, especially regarding specific points they want us to cover.